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Today on the day of women’s day,
I am thinking of everything you have done for me,
How you have brought positive transformations in my life,
The way you have changed my life for the good,
Thanks for being there!!
Happy Women’s Day
A woman is the most beautiful creation of the God but when are we going to understand that fact!!
She is the one who inculcate discipline in our life and that needs to be understood!!
The day society will understand that it is nothing that women cannot and she sits at home just to take care of her family, is the day when the world will start witnessing positive transformations.
Every creature is equally special and that fact needs to be understood!! While the men have stronger physical body, women are more powerful at heart! Weaknesses are both in men and women but why are women always considered weak. Let’s understand that the weaknesses are for good and it should be shared.
It’s hard to imagine life without women, they are the one who make life colorfully beautiful. Respect the creation of Gods by providing them with an equal opportunity to participate in all affairs of the society.
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International Women’s Day is celebrated the world over on March 8. It’s a chance to express respect, love and admiration for the women in your life. Women’s Day began as a recognition of the importance of women workers and their economic, political and social achievements. It has grown to include all women, everywhere, who make a difference to their families, communities, cultures and nations. Here is our selection of the best quotations and meditations to read and share on Women’s Day this year.


The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world. – Charles Malik.
Women’s Day Messages
Women are at the root of society, holding it together. Women are the thread that runs through the fabric of society. Acting as one, they will change the world.The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.


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