sweet Good Night Pictures For GF

You are my pad

Since you bolster me throughout everyday life

You are my cover

Since you shield me from strife

You are the star of my night sky

Since you add to my life, a flawless twinkle

You are my brilliant moon

Since your adoration is a supernatural shimmer


The night is dim

Its hush is profound

I need to converse with you

Just before I rest

It will bring me peace

It will influence me to grin

Hearing your voice

Makes life beneficial


In the event that Facebook had a HUG catch

I would HUG you consistently

In the event that Twitter had an extraordinary tweet for KISSES

I would KISS you energetically

In the event that Pinterest had a different stick for adoration

I would stick it several times

You can perceive the amount I am missing you

As I pen down this senseless rhyme


Sweet Good Night Poems For Him

I am looking outside my window

Everything I can see are empty shadows

The stars, the moon the dull sky

Taking a gander at them, influences me to cry

I wish you were here, with me

I wish together, we could be

I require the solace of your embraces

In your arms, I need to be cozy


I am remaining at the window

Taking a gander at the starry skies

However, whatever I can see

Is your fantastic eyes

As I look towards

The brilliant moon

Everything I can consider

Is that we should meet soon


Regardless of the amount we battle

Regardless of the amount we contend

Despite everything I pine for to hear the words

Goodbye, from you

Regardless of how far you are

Regardless of to what extent it’s been

Simply hearing your voice

Influences me to feel like a ruler


Considering you

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