happy womens day quotes

For a long time now, you have been the stone of my life. I recollect when I couldn’t move, when all seemed lost, you support me with some words of wisdom, and you even wiped my tears when I was crying. Without you, life would have been meaningless. In any case, now, because of your warm love and friendship, I am on my feet once more. Much obliged to you, lady.

Today, the world woke up to your day. In any case, does the world know how far you have voyage. Does the world know the support she owes you? Does the world even perceive how wonderful you have made it to be? The world knows. The world wants to commend this day with you. That is the reason, as a representative of the world, I summon all celestial happiness so that you appreciate this day to its fullest.

Famous Quotes About Women

All around, mothers and housewives are the main workers who don’t have normal time off. They are the immense get-away less class

An enchanting lady doesn’t take after the group. She is herself.

The fastest method to change society is to activate the women of the world.

Women are the genuine architects of society

In the event that you need something said, ask a man; on the off chance that you need something done, ask a lady.

A lady asks little of affection: just that she have the capacity to feel like a champion.

We are adorable daughters

we are sweet sisters,

we are dazzling lovers,

we are sweetheart wives,

we are delightful mothers,

we are source of strength,

we are WOMEN!

Happy Women’s Day!

Famous Quotes About Women and their Interpretation


On women’s day,

I’m contemplating

the special ways

you have improved my life.

The seemingly insignificant details,

the not really easily overlooked details…

Your kindness,

the way you always listen

also, focus on me.

You make my reality.


I asked GOD for a Flower,

He gave me a garden

I asked for a tree

He gave me a forest

I asked for a stream

He gave me a sea

I asked for a heavenly attendant

He gave me you!

Happy Women’s Day


A lady is a standout amongst the most wonderful production of GOD,

showering her respect as little girl,

feel her care as a sister,

feel her glow as a companion.

Happy Women’s Day


Women is symbol of Power,

God’s finest and wonderful creation

without whom no creation is possible.

One who gives birth n nurtures.

Happy women’s day

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