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Palm Sunday 2018 Date
Palm Sunday is an immensely prominent event in the Christian calendar, which every year observe with a lot of devotion, enthusiasm and happiness all over the world. Palm Sunday marks the commencement of a week before the Easter. During this week, Christians celebrate events in went on in Jesus Christ’s life on Earth before he was crucified. The Holy week starts with the Palm Sunday and ends with the Easter Monday.

In this ongoing year, the Palm Sunday 2018 Date falls on Sunday, 25th of March. In UK and USA, the event of Palm Sunday is annually observed with lots of gusto and passion by visiting churches and acquiring Jesus’ blessings. Palm Sunday 2018 UK & USA is going to be celebrated on Sunday, March 25.

Palm Sunday 2018
Palm Sunday 2018

Palm Sunday Meaning (What Does it Mean)
As we all know, Palm Sunday is one of the greatest day for Christians, but many of us not familiar with What Palm Sunday Means? And thus to help you out, here in our section we have assembled a complete information about Palm Sunday Meaning. Check it out below.

Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday reminds the victorious entrance of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem for the main purpose of celebrating Passover. The gospels witness the entry of Jesus riding in the city while the Lord was seating on a donkey’s back, with the crowds spreading over their cloaks as well as palm branches on the street.

They also sing praises for almighty Jesus “Hosanna to the Son of David” & meanwhile “Blessed is he who arrives in the name of the Lord” in order to honor their long-awaited Messiah & the King.

There is a special significance of Jesus riding on a donkey and entering into Jerusalem. During the era of the biblical times, there was a regional custom for the kings and the nobles to come in the procession by riding on a back of a donkey. Donkey, which is admitted to be a symbol of peace which implies that those who ride upon them get their objective peacefully solved.

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