Happy Birthday Greeting SMS Messages

These messages are short and to the point. A considerable measure of them are funny and cheerful. You need to tell your companion that you think about them and that you need them to have a decent time. These messages are the ideal length for a card.

Birthday party images

It was extremely difficult to pick a present for you since you are so selective and critical, much the same as me. We are so intended to be best friends! Happy birthday.

As I compose this birthday wish, I sense that I’m keeping in touch with my own sibling/sister. A debt of gratitude is in order for being an awesome individual in my life! Happy birthday.

A tear moves down my cheek when I consider the amount I miss you. We may have moved separated, yet your birthday still brings back recollections that influence me to grin, laugh, and cry. Wishing you a warm, adoring, and happy birthday, old buddy!

We’ve regarded all of you year round, and we merit a monstrous gathering on your birthday today. Delve profound into your pockets, pal; we’re not letting you off simple!

Karma is getting to you no doubt, buddy. Since you have been a brilliant companion lasting through the year, today I’ve gone the additional mile and arranged a beautiful astonishment for you. Expectation you like it. Happy birthday!

The most exceedingly terrible piece of being friends with you is that…. Umm… mmmm… I mean…. Hold tight, it’ll come to me…. See… it resembles… You know…. The most noticeably bad part is…. Ummm… Alright, affirm, I surrender! There isn’t a solitary terrible thing about you or our friendship. I adore you dearly. Happy birthday, amigo!

I’m so distant from you, yet regardless I feel like you are appropriate next to me—and we are commending your birthday. Cheers from a thousand miles away, old buddy. You will dependably be in my brain and in my heart. Happy birthday!

On your birthday today, you will be encompassed by great friends and a monstrous festival. What more might you be able to request? Uhh, endowments, I presume. No stresses, you’ll have those as well! Happy birthday, great individual.

Bear in mind how much fun you have had today so you can do likewise for me when it’s my birthday! Happy birthday, my dear companion. Expectation this day expedites an everlasting grin your face.

As I compose a birthday wish for you, I’m making a desire myself. I wish that our friendship keeps going forever. Happy birthday!

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