Good Night Wishes Messages Quotes Sayings

Consistently is lovely

So is every night

With companions like you around

Everything appears to be correct

Every minute is astonishing

So is each pulse

Companions like you

Influence life so to finish


Dreams made of treat

Bad dreams outdated

Companions like you are the reason

Why life feels so entire

Rest made of delicate quills

On a bed which is comfortable

My evenings are beneficial

Because of you amigo


A new take

On tomorrow

One more day

To delete distress

One additionally starting

To raise a toast to

An existence which has

Companions like you


Close your eyes

Support your fantasy

It isn’t as far

As it might appear

Close your eyes

Reliably implore

With the goal that tomorrow

Ends up being a decent day

As one more day passes

You demonstrate yet again

Without your organization

My heart would feel sore

As the night shut in

What’s more, I get ready to rest

I understand you’re the companion

In my life, I’d generally keep


Praise this day

With a sweet message

That you should live

With a great deal of fearlessness

Say goodbye

With a sweet wish

That each snapshot of life

You should appreciate

Say sweet dreams

With a flawless statement

To carry on with each second of life

On a high note

The reason I will get

A decent rest today around evening time

Is on account of my day has been

Glad, laidback and light

I trust each minute throughout everyday life

Is so much fun as well

That will be conceivable

Just with companions like you


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