Good Night Wishes Images 2018


Ho gai hai *”NIGHT”*

Band kar do *”LIGHT”*

Achay sapno ki pakro


Have a sweet dreams having my tight embrace.

*”GÖÖD Night”*

Y Do V Close Our Eyes?

Wen V Pray

Wen V Cry

Wen V Dream

Bcoz The Most Beautiful Things

In Life R Unseen and Felt Only By HEART..


Upr aasman se jo tute vo 1 sitara.

Utilize dekh Maine Rab ko pukara.

Rakhe wo salamt apko hamesha.

Kabhi na tute ye Rishta hmara………….

Andera is hòing.

Pooches r bhòking

Bats r uding

Stars r timtimaing

Jhingurs r chilaing

N ur

As yet Jaing to bed and

do sòing Gòòd Night

Evry Tym Sàme


Iàm Bord !

Lét It B Dfrnt

Dis Tym !

Lét Devils Guàrd U

Mumis Dànce Around U

Vmpires Kiss U

Hv A Horibl Ni8

Phantom Ni8 …

Nikal aya CHAND

bikhar gaye SITARE

So gaye panchi

so gaye nazare

Kho jao aap b

mithe khawabo me

dekho raat me

sapne PYARE

Gòód Night!!

4 À Nice Frnd Nice Ni8

4 À Sweet Frnd Sweet Ni8

4 À Lòving Frnd Lòvely Ni8

4 À Heartly Frnd Heartly Ni8

4 À GòóD Frnd “GòóD Ni8



Wen éyes battle 2 rémain open;

At the point when mind stop totally;

It’s a flag to renéw ur vitality;

By sleéping and dréaming.

Gòód Night!! N Swéét Dreams!

Ay Chand Taro Zra Inko ek Hath Maro,.

Bistr Se Inko Nichey Utaro,.

Kro In k Sath Ab Tm Fight,.

kyu k Ye So Rhe The Bina Kahe

“Gud NI8”

Sweet great night sonnet 4 sweet companion


I remembr u,


miss me more,


companionship is settle,


our connection is awesome,

5,5 10

G00D Night mY FrienD.

“Excellent” Morning

“brilliant” Noon

“Upbeat” Evening

“Tranquil” Night

Be glad its

“Incredible EVIninG”

“HAVE” “A” “Sweet” “Dreams”

languid SMS 4 a sluggish prsn

4rm a languid frnd

4 r a languid resn

at a languid tym

on D languid day

in a languid inclination

2 say please rest

gud ni8

Welcome 2

Radio Bed FM

Dis Is Dj Bedsheet

Hngin Out Wis Dj Pilow

4 Nw I’l Play U A Song


Rest Tyt Dozn Ov

Swit Drmz 4m d Album


Njoy d Song


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