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A rabbit runs, jumps, and lives only for 15 years.
A turtle does nt run,does nothing and lives for 450 years.
Moral: exercise is hell sleep well.Good ny8! . . .

Dreams r d best part of life. If u mis sleep.. u miss d best part of life
.. so its already late.. go to bed & catch a very good Dream.
gud 9t…:-)

()”””() …….wait..
( ‘o’ ) dont sleep
(,>@<,) let me pray

( ,(“), )

Dear God, plz, aj ise bed se zarur girana
Gud Night swt drms

Wishing the sweetest nite to a sweet natured person, May u sleep n fall from the bed tonite, Then u will remember that u forgot to wish me “GUD NIGHT”

Pyari Nindiya Sms K Sang Jana,
Jaake Mere Dost Ko Batana,
Achha Nahi Aankho Ko Jagana,
Sapno Ki Duniya Me Ab Kho Jao,
Bahut Raat Hui Chalo Ab So Jao.
Lovely lovely Good Night.

Electronic Night! connect ur sleep. Switch off ur concentration signal,
amplify urself. In Short I wish u a “High Voltage Night” Good Night.

Dreams touch ur heart n soul.. ? t is a magical memory dat unites fantasy & realty. Hope u’ll hav d swtst drm as u close ur eyes 2nt. Gud9T..Swtdrmz..

( ,’0′, )

Hi this teddy & Me wishing u gud nht nd swt drm

Always do good for good.
But never do bad for bad,
Bcoz we can wash tears with water,
Bt we cant wash blood with blood…!gdn8

* Barish Ki Boondoon Mein Jhalakti Hai Uss Ki Tasveer *




* Aaj Phir Bheeg Behtay Hain Ussay Yaad Kartay Kartay. Happy rain night As A Good Night


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