Good Night Poems For Wife/ Poems For Husband

Husband and wife have very sacred relation that should be last till the end of their life but nowadays life has become so hectic and tedious that we don’t have any time to keep our relationship healthy that’s not fare at any cost. We must give some quality time to our relation. Here we are going to share some Good Night Poems For Husband that you must share with your hubby to make them feel that how much you care and love him. Same in the case of Wives, every husband must be aware what they exactly expect from us. We boys are always busy doing somewhat wrong or right in life and forget our relation but there should be nothing like that. We have also made a collection for Good Night Poems For Wife which you should send to your wife to strengthen your relation and your love for each other. Read the post to get all these poems.

Sweet Good Night Poems For Husband

I am saying good night, it’s so hard to do, 

you are not here with me, but many miles away, 

My heart is empty, and lonely inside, 

As I wipe my tears, falling from my face.

I close my eyes, while going to sleep, 

with sadness inside, I begin to weep. 

I remember suddenly, what you said to me, 

Just meet me in the clouds, we’ll enjoy the ride.

When distance is a task, it can keep us apart, 

Remember, I still hold you, close to my heart. 

we will float through the clouds, till the miles are gone, 

Just close your eyes, we’ll pretend we’re together.

I can see the clouds, oh, how beautiful they are, 

I sit and wait, with hope in my heart, 

one day we will be, together, for ever. 

Good night my love, I’ll be dreaming of you!

Entwine your fingers with mine 

Give me something to hold 

Something to hope 

Across the miles pull me to you 

Safely into your embrace 

Catch me 

Catch me before I slip 

Romantic Good Night Poems For Wife

These are the poems which are made with a lots of efforts from all around poetry. If you are far away from your wife and can’t be with her at night then you may send these poems to your wife to let her give your presence. She will certainly happy watching your these romantic poems for her. Scroll down the page to read these poems. You will definitely love them.

Your thoughts fill my head

as I lie alone on my bed

I ain’t smiling my eyes are red

I miss you like no butter on my bread

I love you but i miss you just like i said

Love of my life

Angel of my life

My precious bride

Mother of my child

For you I’ll pay the price

I miss the love in your eyes

Like a girl without a boy

like a child without a toy

I miss you with whom I share my joy

With I feel like a man not a boy

I miss you

I need you like I need life

Like a kitchen needs a knife

Like a husband needs his wife

But I miss you like a man with no life

I miss you and I’ll love you for life

I miss you more these days

Cos I need you more these days

Even though it is so these days

I’ll love you always

I miss you to pieces

The hugs and the sweet kisses

The love and the attention

The care and the affection

I miss you I can’t pay attention

I miss my friend and companion

Love Poems For Husband

Here are the poems for husband which you must send to your hubby at night. Send these poems to make his night very special. Make him happy by sending these poems when you are not with your husband. Read these beautiful poems and keep your relationship healthy.

No woman no cry

I miss my woman I won’t cry

I hold back tears from my eye

I said hello but i got no hi

I miss you I’m so low I’m not high

missing you is not good

like I’m alone in this neighborhood

missing you is so bad like a boy with no dad

till I see your face again this I promise again

love you forever

I’m not going to cry

I won’t fade the blue in my sky

I miss you I can’t say why

I love you but this i know why

miss you dearie

I stay awake all night thinking about you

Wish I had you with me all through

Me without you is incomplete like the alphabet without “U”

I miss you I love you

Even as you close your eyes in sleep

my love for you remains true and deep

it’s you I love and forever will keep

just to say sweet dreams before we both fall asleep

This rhyme is from the bottom of my heart

from me to you my one and only sweetheart

to you I pledge my love I pray it stays like that

Here you read the Good Night Poems For Wife which you should send to your wife. We have made a very beautiful collection as we can. If you have some other poems you may comment us and we will add it tin these poems. Share these poems with your loved ones. Thank you!! Have a prosperous life!!!

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