Good Night Poems For Lover/ Poems For Crush

Lovers are those who are the happiest one in this world until their relationship remains healthy. There are many things that keep your relationship happy and healthy. One of that things is the Good Night Poems For Lover which we have made for you to send to your lover at night. These little but necessary things have much importance in your life to make your lover feel happy and lucky that they have you in their life. Always respect your partner and make them feel that they are special person in your life and they mean a lot to you. Choose the best poems from here and don’t delay anymore, send the selected poems to your lover to raise your love more and more.

Good Night Poems For Crush

Above us, stars. Beneath us, constellations.

Five billion miles away, a galaxy dies

like a snowflake falling on water. Below us, 

some farmer, feeling the chill of that distant death, 

snaps on his yard light, drawing his sheds and barn

back into the little system of his care.

All night, the cities, like shimmering novas, 

tug with bright streets at lonely lights like his.

Last night as I slept,

I dreamt—marvelous error!—

that it was God I had

here inside my heart.

To hearts which near each other move

From evening close to morning light,

The night is good; because, my love,

They never say good-night.

Far different we–a froward race,

Thousands though rich in Fortune’s grace

With cherished sullenness of pace

Their way pursue, 

Ingrates who wear a smileless face

The whole year through.

They were on the chairs and tables,

they were on the chandeliers,

they were roosting in the corners,

they were clucking in my ears,

there were chickens, chickens, chickens

for as far as I could see…

when I woke today, I noticed

there were eggs on top of me.

Here is a little prayer for tonight:

Today, I am as the rose.

I move gracefully through 

the seasons of my life.

“Now rests a noble heart. Good-night sweetness,

while flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

Short Good Night Poems For Lover

If you are looking for the Good Night Poetry For Lover then you are at the right place. Here you will have the best poems for your crush which you would love to send to your partner. Never ever ge the idea that you will be clingy, sending these poems to your lover. This is the thing that every lover expect from his/her partner. So, no doubt you are going to grow up your love for your partner. Read the post below and get here the best poems.

May God bless you with peaceful rest

And wrap you in His arms

Watch over you ’til morning light

And keep you from all harm

May all your dreams bring sweetness

The sparkle of a trillion stars

So in the smile of dawn

Soft rays of love spill from your heart

Be who you are and say what you feel

because those who mind don’t matter

and those who matter don’t mind.

I see the moon and the moon sees me

He smiles at me just after tea,

Moon is shining, stars I’m finding

Old man moon, he can’t see me.

I see the moon, he glows for me

Way up high, while I’m asleep

Moon’s my dark friend,

until night’s end

Here I was worrying about my journey,

while God was helping me all the way,

making me realize that I am very weak;

my courage is only borrowed from Him,

 but, oh, the peace that flooded my soul…

because I know that he never fails

I would not,

if I could, turn back now,

because I believe that God is going to

reveal Himself in a wonderful way.

Underneath the covers

All the wrappings that you see,

Floating in the flowers

Just my ted and me,

I’m riding high upon a dream cloud

But no-one knows where I may be.

God’s hand now sweeping wide

in tender tones He murmurs low,

Hush, my lovely, calm of soul,

be still, in Me there’s all to find.

Good Night Poems To My Lover

Sleep sweetly now my precious one,

and know in dreams tonight, 

and always you are loved,

forever loved,

no never more alone

Hush! my dear, lie still and slumber,

Holy angels guard thy bed!

Heavenly blessings without number

Gently falling on thy head. Isaac Watts

Without you there’d be no sun in my sky

There would be no love in my life

There’d be no world left for me

And I, baby I don’t know what I would do

I’d be lost if I lost you

If you ever leave

Baby, you would take away everything real in my life

And tell me now.

And if they need to have a grasp of reality, it should be from the 

love and care that you do give which when lost would seem as 

though their life has signed up for a treat of ado.

If you ever leave

Baby, you would take away everything

Need you with me

Baby, ’cause you know that you’re everything good in my life

And tell me now.

I will fight for you like two-edged sword,

I will love you forever, you have my word.

You are so lovely, you rock my world!

Your wish is my command, yes my Lord!

Good night my love.

Here you read the Good Night Poems For Your Crush. I hope you like this post. If you have your own poetry then you are welcome to add your poetry with this post. We would love to have your poem. Share these poems with your loved ones as soon as possible. Thank you!! Have a prosperous life!!

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