Good Night Poems For Him/ Poems For Boyfriend

Good night is the most romantic moment for the people who are in relationship. Never ever get an idea that sending a cute good night poem to your boyfriend may be clingy. We have had here the best collection of Good Night Poems For Boyfriend that you must send to your boyfriend to show how much you love him. You may also poke him at Facebook, Tweeter etc with these Good Night Poems. Night is the time when heart thinks about the people who we love and every guy of this world expect a special good night from the very special girl of his life. So don’t avoid it and try to send a good night wish in a very special manner as it can possible.

Short Good Night Poems For Him

A peg of wine at night 

By nine lessens my

Pain and makes

Me sleep 








Watches sleep all keen,

Seven soft pillows, feathery sheet clean,

Eyes yet fixated on screen!

A square to look out of

everything I can see.

Closed at the eve of night

goodnight to thee.

That’s me all done

I must say good night to you all

Till mornings alarm does call

Wind calls and whispers

Crickets chirp under the moon

Dreams float up to sky

Sky prepared for bed

dressed in provocative red

and bid Sun goodnight

Under your light

I dance with delight

I, so love every night.

Good Night Love Poems For Boyfriend

On such a splendorous and beautiful night as this one

May you rest and have beautiful dreams about our love.

During my night walk I heard someone talking to me

The moon told me to look for the owner of my heart

I arrive to your house now

And I feel like wishing a good night to you, my love.

For a day to be perfect

It must end with me looking at you and declaring my love for you

Good night my love and rest peacefully

With the stars shining on you.

If I had to choose an ideal minute in the day

I would choose the minute at night I spend with you

Taking you home and kissing you tenderly

And saying again how much I love you.

I am infinitely thankful you share your life with me

The cold night, but I feel your warmth when I am with you

I thank you for giving a meaning to my life. Good night my love.

Your splendor lights this dark night

Good night, my love, have a peaceful rest.

Romantic Good Night Poems For Boyfriend

Here, after long efforts we have done the collection of Good Night Poems For Him which are the best you have ever had seen. You may share these short, romantic and love poems with your boyfriend at night. I reassure you that you will see an extreme change in your love with your boyfriend after sharing these good night poems because when we get what actually we expect from our girlfriend is the best feeling for a boy. So when we boys get a special good night wish which she we think she has made for us is really a pleasurable thing and we love it more than exclusion of all else. So be the best girlfriend of the all for your boyfriend. These are unique ways that every girl should follow for their better relationship. I can say you all the best for your longer relationship.

The entire universe, I think

Is aligned perfectly for you and me

The sun, the skies, the clouds

Everything was made, for our destiny

My heart truly believes that

Every star in the dark night skies

Shines only, and only because you

keening on you

Holding your arms

Watching in your eyes

Succumbing to your charms

Whispering in your ears

Giving you a kiss

Hugging you tight

Enjoying love’s abyss

Good night

Close your eyes

Breathe deeply

Clear your mind

Just think about me

This should be

Your routine every night

I order you to miss me

With all your might


You are my pillow

Because you support me in life

You are my blanket

Because you protect me from strife

You are the star of my night sky

Because you add to my life, a lovely twinkle

You are my radiant moon

Because your love is a magical sparkle

Good night

The night is dark

Its silence is deep

I want to talk to you

Just before I sleep

It will bring me peace

It will make me smile

Hearing your voice

Makes life worthwhile

Good night

If Facebook had a HUG button

I would HUG you every night

If Twitter had a special tweet for KISSES

I would KISS you with all my might

If Pinterest had a separate pin for love

I would pin it hundreds of times

You can see how much I am missing you

As I pen down this silly rhyme

Good night

Sweet Good Night Poems For Him

I am looking outside my window

All I can see are hollow shadows

The stars, the moon the dark sky

Looking at them, makes me cry

I wish you were here, with me

I wish together, we could be

I need the comfort of your hugs

In your arms, I want to be snug

Good night

I am standing at the window

Looking at the starry skies

But all I can see

Is your dreamy eyes

As I gaze towards

The radiant moon

All I can think about

Is that we must meet soon

Good night

No matter how much we fight

No matter how much we argue

I still crave to hear the words

Good Night, from you

No matter how far you are

No matter how long it’s been

Just hearing your voice

Makes me feel like a queen


Thinking about you

Is giving me goosebumps

Dreaming about you

Is making my heart thump

I wish I could give you

A hug and a kiss

So the rest of my night

Will be a mysterious bliss

Good night

The night gives me a chance

To go away to a fantasy land

Where there is no one except

You and me, hand in hand

It is romantic and charming

It is the most beautiful place

Not just because it is a dream

But because all I see is your face

Good night

The stars become shinier

The moon becomes brighter

My heart feels lighter

My smile becomes wider

Every single time

When I think about you

Even the dark night skies

Get a colorful hue

I want to hold your hand

I want to rest my head on your shoulder

I want to cuddle with you endlessly

I want to be you, with my lover

I want to watch you sleep

I want to hear your breathing

I want to feel your love

When it comes to you, it’s all or nothing

Good night

 I wish you could

Tuck me into bed

I wish you could

Kiss me on the forehead

I wish you could

Give me a hug

I wish we could

Cuddle and be snug

I wish we could

Be together right now

Baby I am

Missing you and how.

Here you have read our collection of Best Good Night Poems For Boyfriend which the team has made with all of their best. I hope you girls like this post. Share it with friends and visit more to strengthen your love. We later are going to tell you many more about the love. Keep in touch with us for more updations. Thank you! Have a prosperous life!!

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