Good night Images 2018


*Warm Pillow

*Hot cover

*Soft Bed

*Sweet Dreams

*Sound Sleep

Have An awesome visit:- )

May ur

Salty n Crispy Night

b Peppered wid Spicy Luv

May Ü Smile in Lemon Munlite

Dream on Strawberry Fields

Under a Vanilla Razai

Hv A Yummy Nite !

Ho chuki raat bahut, stomach muscle so bhi jae..

Jo hain dil ke kareeb, uske khyalo mein abhi kho bhi jae..

Kar raha hoga, koi intezzar aapka

Khwabo mein hello there sahi unse mil to aaye..


Aao janch lety hai

Drd k trazu pr,

Kis ka Gam kaha tk hy,

Shidate kaha tk hai,

Kuch aziz logo sy

pochna to prta hy aj kl Muhabt ki,

Kemtai kaha tk hai,

Ek Sham aa jao,

Khul k Hal-e-Dil keh le,

Kon jany Sanso ki,

Mohlatai kaha tk hai. Sweet Dreams

Hello there…


( 2’3.7′ )9(4 ‘8;2’ )


press alter and Delete just numbers and take my blessing…

Sweet Dreams

Barish ki 1 Bund apko Khushi de..

2 Bund hasi de.

3 Bund tandurasti de

4 Bund kamyabi de

5 Bund.




Bas kijiye varna..sardi ho Jaaygi..

gud ni8

Cool Night Me,

Little Small Room Me,

Small Window K Bahar,

Brilliant Bright Star Ko Dekhte Hue,

Aap Sweet Sapno Me Kho Jayiye.


Sweet great night sms in Hindi and English, gud ni8 sms. Stunning accumulation for adorable individuals. Sweet content for your sweetie woven in magnificent sweet great night SMS, pick your’s most loved one to send today. Prodding and messaging are sweet elements of adorable converse with gf. Play your sweetheart with sweet great night msgs.

Since your eyes are looking worn out, let your eye lashes embrace each other for couple of hours.

May you have an exceptionally cheerful excursion into the universe of dreams.


Neend ka sath Hö

Sapno ki barat Hö

Chand sitare bhi sath Hö

Ör kuchh rahe na rahe

Standard hamari yadain aapke sath Hö.

Gòód night and swt drms

Raat ki tanhyi me

hit koi Aahat Tume Jagae

Chup K Se Koi Tumare Bed K Pas Aye



abe dhakan chilla zor se Chor

Disregard the things that make you tragic;

Keep in mind the minutes that make you happy;

Disregard the inconveniences that passed away;

Acknowledge the favors that comes your direction.

Goodbye! Sweet Dreams Dear……sweet great night cites

Ur dream decides ur objectives,

Ur objectives delineate ur activities,

Ur activities make comes about,

What’s more, the outcomes bring u achievement.!

Gòód nite my companion hv a pleasant dream.

Nind ki aankho pe ho rahi hai battling tight,

Is dull sky principle dikh rahe hain taare white,

Stomach muscle bhuja ke apni light, Hum aapse kahte hai

Great night……..good night cites in Hindi

Aaj Mere Pass Mobile Hai

Number Hai

Charger Hai

Battery Hai

Parity Hai

Aapke Pass Kya Hai?

Hai Koi new SMS?

To Bhej Do

Agar Nahi hai To Mobile Bech Do.Gud Ni8

Each time same wishes

I m exhausted FrD!

Give it a chance to be diverse dis time

Give villains A chance to monitor u,

Mummies move around u,

Vampire kisssss u,

Have an exceptionally frightful nite!

Phantom nite, GØØD NighT

Kya aap Machharo Se pareshan Ho ??

Sone Me Takleef Hoti He??






Machharo k sone K baad So jao.

What n Idea Sir Jee

GòóD Night Jee

Night is the pleasant blessing

so close ur eyes and open the blessing

u see a different universe holding up 4u…

GòóD night..

After the entire occupied day somebody sweet is holding up 4 U





its ur bed it’s the time 2 get some pleasant dreams have sound rest and get ur dreams.

A night of peaCe,

A fantasy of Love,

A snapshot of rest,

A sentiment fulfillment,

A sound lay down with a joyfull Heart is my desire for you today around evening time.

‘ *’GuD NyT ‘*’

Dreams tOuch yOur complete self

it is a supernatural memOry that

joins dream and reality

Expectation U’ll have the

sweetest dream tOnight


Last nyt I embraced my cushion and dream of u



I wish that some time or another i’d drea

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