Good night greetings 2018


Great Night !

Diffrnce btwn loathsomeness nd wonderful night..

An excellent night is when u embrace ur teddy bear nd rest,

Yet, loathsomeness is when

it embraces u back !! Great Night !

Ur dream decides Ur objectives,

Ur objectives outline Ur activities,

Ur activities make comes about,

Also, the outcomes bring u achievement.!

Great Nite my Friend have a decent dreams



Sun wouldn’t be red,

Ocean wouldn’t be blue,

I wouldn’t be upbeat,

Without aggravating you!.


Time 2 rest folks:)

Kick ur chapal like A football

Stroll towards ur bed liKe a model

Hop on ur bed like a monkey


Rest like a little infant:)

Glad Nini.

God’s direction resembles a little light in a dull timberland…

doesn’t demonstrate everything without a moment’s delay…

In any case, Gives enough light for following stage to be protected…

Gud n8.

Ja Mere Machchar Ja.



/’? ‘?

or then again minor un dosto ko kat le

Jo mujhe bina pleasant evening kahe

So jate hai…


Jaab se huwa tumse pyaar

Ye dil kahi lagta nahi yaar

Apna dil he bhej raha hu yaar

Sambhal ke rakhna yaar

.- ..- .

‘- ..- ‘


_| |_

Ja minor dil…

Dilvar ko wish karo

Sweet kiss karo

Sweet Dreams kaho

Genuine people and well wishers in our life resemble the stars that sparkle always.

In any case, we regularly neglect to see them till the dim hours come into our lives.

Gøød night!

Alle Baba Choye Nhi

Abi Tak?

Cho Jaø

Cho Jaoge Tø Chweet Dreamchs Ayege

To Bala Mja Ayega

Me To Chø Raha Hu

Aap B Chø Jaø

failure Nit.!

Hø Gy¡ Ha¡ Ab Tø



Stomach muscle Bnd Bh¡ Kr

Dø Wh¡te



Sapnø K¡ Pkr lø


Øk ! My Dear

GøøD Night

À spec¡ál facé,

À spec¡ál smilé,

À spec¡ál someoné,

À spec¡ál embrace from mé 2 u,

À spec¡ál individual,

Ì found in u,

Swéét dreams and GøøD night



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