Funny Happy easter Wishes


Sun ârïsés whén moon séts…
Moon ârïsé whén sun séts…
Whén Sâturdây goés…..
Sundây comés up….
Spénd your Sundây wïth your
Fâmïly & not ïn thé offïcé..
Happy Palm Sunday 2018…

Hâvé â blésséd Palm Sunday. Rémémbér â wéék béforé hé wâs crucïfïéd lïké â crïmïnâl, hé rodé ïnto thé cïty â kïng.


Easter Poem & Prayers – The festival of Easter Sunday is annually celebrated with religious fervor all over the world. The ceremonious occasional event widely celebrated the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, three days after the very agonizing crucifixion. And that’s why, the day hold special importance in the lives of Christian who commemorate the festival with huge devotion, happiness and passion. Below, we have listed out a wide range of Easter poems and prayers.

Happy Easter Poems
Poetry is one of the most creative ways to put across your feelings & emotions and also give form to your deep felts thoughts. From religious to rhetoric to pure inspirational, these Happy Easter Poems have the capability to touch your heart. Scroll down the list of Famous Easter Poems and take out some time to browse through them. Not only does these Short Easter Poems make for expressive reads, but is definitely leave you feeling happy & cheerful from within.

Easter Surprïsë
Easter ëggs,
Yëllow änd bluë,
Easter ëggs,
For më änd you.

Easter ëggs,
Cändy swëët,
Easter ëggs,
Ärë yum to ëät.

Easter ëggs,
Prëtty änd funny,
But… whërë ïs thë Easter Bunny?

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