Cute Good Night picture Wishes

Is giving me goosebumps

Envisioning about you

Is influencing my heart to pound

I wish I could give you

An embrace and a kiss

So whatever remains of my night

Will be a puzzling euphoria


The night gives me a shot

To leave to a dream arrive

Where there is nobody aside from

You and me, as an inseparable unit

It is sentimental and beguiling

It is the most excellent place

Not on account of it is a fantasy

But since all I see is your face


The stars end up noticeably shinier

The moon ends up noticeably brighter

My heart feels lighter

My grin ends up noticeably more extensive

Each and every time

When I consider you

Indeed, even the dull night skies

Get a bright shade

I need to hold your hand

I need to lay my head on your shoulder

I need to snuggle with you perpetually

I need to be you, with my sweetheart

I need to watch you rest

I need to hear your relaxing

I need to feel your affection

With regards to you, it’s win or bust


I wish you could

Tuck me into bed

I wish you could

Kiss me on the temple

I wish you could

Give me an embrace

I wish we could

Nestle and be cozy

I wish we could

Be as one right at this point

Infant I am

Missing you and how.

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