60+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband And Wife: Quotes And Messages

Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband: If this is your hubby’s birthday and you want to write something special for him then this post will help you definitely. Husband is the one with whom you are going to enjoy your rest of life. So you should do all that things which you can for your husband. Birthday is a special day for everyone in their life and if we get some surprise from our loved one then believe me it makes make a glad to that person. If it is your husband’s birthday then your should arrange little surprises like birthday cake, party with family and friends at night which will make your husband very happy. Try to put out your feelings in words and write it on the birthday card for your
husband and send it to him. Ask your hubby for a day off so that you both can spend the entire day with each other. Make your husband happy with your warm hugs, perfect kisses and gifts. You are not just husband and wife but you are the partners of a long beautiful journey of life.

Dear husband, your warm hugs are like protection for me from any storm come to my life. May you live 100s years. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, handsome!!

Being a wife of you is not less than any god gifted thing for me. You are the happiest person to make my life happiest. Many many of the day!!

Today’s my hubby’s birthday and i promise every wish of yours will be fulfilled as i’m your personal genie. Happy Birthday Darling!!

I’m the happiest woman in this world as i have the most loving and kind person as my husband. I wish you a very very Happy Birthday!!

From my childhood, i was thinking about my prince that how he will be? and when i met you first time, i thought you will be my prince … i don’t know but you so attractive that i can’t leave a moment without staring at you. Many many happy return of the day!!

You are not necessary but compulsary to me. I can’t imagine my world without you. A very happy birthday to my hubby!!

As i was unmarried, one thing always disturbed me that how will my married life go and when you come to my life … this is better feeling than best. Happy Birthday honey!!

I want to tell you something on this special day that you are only one who made everyday of my life warm and more brighter. Wishing you a very happy birthday!!

I want to live 1000s of years because i have a true, caring and responsible person by my side. May your coming year of life be happiest than ever.

Every moment of life is now full of joy because your love is the thing that made it all possible. May you live thousands of year. Happy Birthday hubby!!

I want to say you a lot of thanks because you supported me always no matter what the condition is. You always pick me up when i was down, always cheers me when i was sad. Being you wife is the happiest thing i have ever felt in my life. Wish you a Happy Birthday, Honey!!

Do you know what you are true gift to me from god. I love you more than more everyday. Happy Birthday to my dear hubby!!

This is birthday of the most special person of my life. I promise i’ll celebrate it in a very amzing way that you will never it. Happy Birthday darling!!

I’m very lucky because you are in my life. You always give me strength when i feel weak and gives me inspiration. I want to make this special day so romantic and beautiful that i myself too can’t forget it ever.

I feel that moment when we got married and this is the most beautiful dream for me. I feel blessed to get marry with you. I love you, honey … Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Wishes For Wife

Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife: If you want to send some birthday wishes to your wife then you are at the right place. Here we have best and unique collection of Birthday wishes for wife. You should remember all the good memories that you have spent with your wife after or before your marriage and try to write it down with these wishes. This will enrich her love for you that still you have that memories in your mind. Make a birthday card and write the birthday greetings on this card and put it on his bedside table. Wish him a very happy birthday with morning tea with a romantic hug. Post many birthday wishes for wife on social media and tag her in it to make her social media queen for today. Arrange some special gifts and surprises for your wife so that she may feel happy.

Birthday wishes for wife

Sweetheart i did always my best to make you the happiest woman of this world .. i apologize if i ever made any mistake which hurt you. I love you. Happy Birthday!!

I’m the happiest husband as i have a life partner who is most loving and beautiful woman of my world. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

To have a soulmate like you was the biggest dream of my life and i’m luckiest man as i got you as my wife. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Honey!!

My life was just life but it’s having a meaning after getting married with you. Many many happy returns of the day, sweetie!!

You are the most beautiful woman, sweetest mother of my children and the most loving wife in this world. May you live 100s of years. Happy Birthday dear!!

birthday messages for wife

If i ever make any mistake then never take it seriously because i never want to hurt you. I love you, sweetheart. Happy Birthday!!

You stole my heart when we looked into each other’s eyes first time. From that moment, i have dreamt of you to be my life partner. I love you. Wish you a very happy birthday!!

I want to fill your wish today because this is a most special occasion in my life. Today, i want you to be the happiest woman of the world. Many many happy returns of the day, happy birthday, honey!!

Happy Birthday to the woman of my dreams!!

You convert my good moments into best and my bad moments into tolerable one when i share with you. I’ll not tire until i fulfill your every wish and desire. Happy Birthday Darling!!

Happy Birthday Quotes For Husband

If this is your husband’s birthday then you should look into his eyes and try to say i love you with those expressions which you gave on your first meeting. This will grow your love more and more. Try to make him feel good as you are the one among thousand who is made for him. Not only today but also everyday you should keep your relationship healthy. Here are some Birthday Quotes For Husband which you should send to your husband to let him know that he is most special person who rolls over your mind everyday and every moment. Make him feel special so that he can treat you as special person. This will enrich your married life.

birthday quotes for husband

Do you know you are very colourful, funny and kind person as you fill my life with colours, always excited me and made my life so passionate. Love you so much. Wish you a very happy birthday!!

The moments which we shared with each other are like dreams with naked eyes. You are best husband of this world. Happy Birthday, darling!!

I always dream of a good husband but you know what i didn’t get because you are the Best, my love. Many many happy returns of this special day!!

This is not only a special day but an occasion for me and i want you to know that i love you more than i can express in words or can show you … i want to love you i my every coming life. May all yours wishes come true in coming year of your life!!

Travelling with you on the path of life is getting me fall more and more everyday in love with you. May your life full of colours that you ever want of. Happy Birthday, darling!!

Happy Birthday to the most special person of my life .. may you always achieve more than you want … may you love me more and more everyday.

My life is full of respect, honour, adventure and glory when i’m with you … i just want to tell you that you are the best. I wish you a Happy Birthday!!

You are not only my hubby but you are my best friend too with you i can share everthing, i can do everything, i can ask everything, i can say everything. I never want to apart from from you for a single moment. I love you, darling. Happy Birthday!!

What you want to have on this special day as a gift from me? A perfect kiss? Cuddling up with me and …. ?? i think you got it but putting all that together is not enough for you because you are better than that. Happy Birthday, honey!!

You are the only person who deserves everything good in you life because you are the kindest person of this world and make everybody happy with all your efforts. Being your wife bring a fruitful result of what i did always. Happy Birthday my man!!

I’ll never forget that day when we said i love you both looking into each other’s eyes. I feel that moment even today when i say i love you. Happy Birthday, my lord!!

birthday messages for husband

Getting married with a handsome guy like you is very hard .. when some other women staring at you .. i know kung-fu. Happy Birthday, honey!!

Looking rough outside make you the smartest person and being tender inside make you the loveliest person of this world. I love you, honey. Happy Birthday!!

Life may be difficult but walking at the life’s path with you make me like walking over the roses which i never want to stop. Wishing you a very happy birthday my hubby.

Your kisses are the only remedies for me which guarantees 100% pain relief for me. Happy Birthday, handsome!!

Birthday Quotes For Wife

Every woman love affection and adoration and may be some more. You should look for what she wants? If you are married and have spent years of life with each other then it is easy to understand what actually she is and what she want you to be. If this is your wife’s birthday then you have to arrange everything that is possible if you want to see an extra happiness in her eyes. Here is a collection of Happy Birthday Quotes For Wife which will inspire you. You should find some original gifts for your wife. Try to be with her as much as possible today. This is an occasion to become the perfect husband for a wife who cares and love his wife the most. This will add extra happiness and joy to her life.

Birthday quotes for wife

More than 50 percent what i know, i learnt from you. You are not only a good wife but also my best who teach me everything and never want me to have sad moments. I love you, sweetheart. Happy Birthday!!

I don’t know you will understand or not my love to you in words but i love you more than myself and i wish if you live 100 years then i want to live 99 years and 364 days so that i can’t have a day without you. Happy birthday to the sweetest wife!!

I think nothing will be more beautiful gift for you than being with me so i want to enjoy every moment of this day with you. Happy Birthday, angel!!

When i look into your eyes, doesn’t matter it is good or bad time, happy moment or sad but your eyes take me to a fresh smile. I love you. Happy Birthday baby!!

For everyone you have turned one year older except me. For me, you are the same – gorgeous, smartest, sweetest and attractive woman when i saw you first time. Happy Birthday, honey!!

As a husband, i promise that it will be your most beautiful and romantic night you have ever passed in your life. Wish you a very happy birthday xoxo!!

On this special day, my warm hugs and perfect kisses at night will be your birthday gift. I love you. Many many returns of this day!!

I want everyday as your birthday so that beyond everything i can have my all time with you. Happy Birthday, darling!!

What do you expect for your birthday gift? Diamonds are cheap and gold is comman as compare to your beauti so that i’m completly yours today is your birthday gift. Do you want to do with me. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!

If you want to feel my love for you then listen to my heart after blowing off the candles on cake.. my heart won’t be beat but it will sing .. Happy Birthday to you!!

Birthday Messages For Husband

Every husband in this world is not perfect but as a good wife it’s your duty to make your husband perfect. You are not only his wife but also his best friend who teach him everything in every walk of life. He deserves best. If we talk about your husband’s birthday then it is one of the awesome day of his life and should also for you. Here we bring you the best Happy Birthday Messages For Husband which you can send to your husband on facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc. on any social media that will make him feel good. If you have not been done yet so then it may be a little hard to express your feelings for your husband in words but our collection of these messages will certainly help you to get idea. Most of the time you are going to spend with your husband today must be romantic. So here we have also romantic wishes for your husband which you should send to your hubby. Women are not the only ones who enjoy the feeling but men also enjoy feelings of words. So try to get a free day on your hubby’s birthday and say him everything that you want.

happy birthday messages for husband

You taught me the meaning of life, i didn’t know what love is but being with you taught me what is love actually .. i didn’t know how to laugh fully but you made me the most laughter woman. I don’t know how should i thank to you in words … just lots of love for you. May you live long!!

I love you not because what you are but what you made me with your love. Being your wife is the happiest thing i have ever felt in my life. Happy Birthday, darling!!

Everything in this world has it’s limit but i want to promise you that my love for you has no limit and dear i want same from you in my entire life. Many many happy returns of the day!!

You have always been the best father for my children and loving husband for me. May you live long, dear. Happy Birthday!!

The words I, ME and YOU are changed into US since i got married with you. I want to keep it as same throughout my life. Many many Happy return of this day, honey. Happy Birthday!!

My day begins in your arms and my night ends in your arms and this is the only thing i want to keep always and everyday. Happy Birthday, Handsome!!

Sometimes life has been tough and life’s problem like a storm tried to blow me off but you have always my rock that never let me blew. Everytime i look you eyes, i feel blessed that none other took my place. Happy Birthdy, darling!!

You are my soul mate as a lover, BFF as a friend and captain of my ship as my life partner. Happy Birthday, honey!!

I want to have a big celebration on this day not only it is your birthday but you make my everyday like a celebration. Wish you a great Birthday!!

The one who said all men are same was wrong because he has not met you still. Happy Birthday, My man!!

Birthday Messages For Wife

A wife is not only a wife but she plays many role in your life. She is the mother of your children, she is your caretaker, she is your cook, she is your organiser, she is your best friend and so on. Keeping all these roles in your mind and being a husband you should do everything that you can for her to make her feel the happiest wife of this world. Tell her that how much importance she have in your life and what your life will be without her. You should also take advice from your wife for what you have planned to do further in your life. Get her a bouquet of deep roses, birthday cake, a surprise birthday party, bag of jewellery, clothes, her personal care items etc. get her everything which she deserves. This is your wife’s birthday and you can send heartfelt birthday message. On this page, you will get the warm Happy Birthday Messages For Wife. You can also cook meal for your wife today which will fall her again and again in your love. Be romantic at night with her and give everything to her what you can on her birthday.

happy birthday messages for wife

I never want to imagine how my life will go without you. You are my soulmate, my best friend and excellent wife. Happy Birthday Darling!!

Now if i get old, i’m happy because my best, my life is with me. Happy Birthday to my life!!

Before getting married i was incomplete, you make my life complete .. i don’t know how can i live without you in this world. Never be apart from me. I love you. Happy Birthday Honey!!

You are going to pass your another year of life but you look more smarter than ever now. Happy BIrthday, sweetie!!

I can overcome any problem coming in the journey of my life if you hold my hand forever. Wish you a very happy birthday, xoxo!!

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