60+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends: Messages And Quotes

: It is hard to find true friends in this selfish world. It is bless if you have a best friend already in your life. A true friend is that which will never let you go apart from him/her. This is the only person in your life with whom you can talk to your problems whenever you want. That’s why a friend’s birthday must be a special day you also and you should do whatever you can to make this day the happiest one. Birthday is very special occasion in everyone’s life and it is to be celebrate very well. The birthday is that special day of your life which comes once in a year and you should show your love, your feelings towards your friend that how much he/she mean to you. 

1. Every every birthdays come but friends like you come once in a life. I’m happy to have a friend like you. Happy Birthday!!

2. You are my true and best friend ever so don’t change ever with the time. May your all wishes come true this year. Happy Birthday dear!!

3. Remembering all that days which we spent with each other make me always excited. Friend like you is always like a fun. Many many returns of the day. Happy Birthday!!

4. “Friend” this is only a sequence of words for other people but for me this is permanent source of joy and happiness.

5. It has been a couple of years since we are friends and our friendship is going deeper and closer every coming year of life. I wish that me and you will never change. Happy Birthday!!

6. All that fun, enjoy we did together is like that we are more than brothers. Having a friend like you is not less than a gift from god. Happy Birthday dear!!

7. I wish that the passing time will not affect our friendship and we will have close friendship in every coming year of life. You the best person i have ever seen. Happy Birthday dear!!

8. I promise that i’ll make your birthday so funny and full of happiness and joy that you can’t imagine. Have a wonderful and healthy birthday dear!!

9. Let’s make your birthday so funny and unforgettable than we will never forget it throughout our life. Happy Birthday friend!!

10. Childhood passes too quickly and only the moments that we enjoyed together are left now. I’m happy that still we are friends. Happy Birthday dear!!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends

Birthday is special day in a year which reflects on what we have done and what we have to do further in our life. On our every passing year of life we think about your age that how i’m now and what i have achieved in my life. Aside from this ideas we also want to have a celebration on this day and if talk come to friend’s birthday then it is not less than a great party. We should have an idea to make a place in our friend’s heart. So we should wish him/her first of all. Here we bring you the Birthday Wishes For Friends that you should send to your friends on his/her birthday. Celebrating your friend’s birthday with family and other friend will be another best idea to make your friend very happy. 

11. It’s the birthday of my best friend and i want you to know that how special you are in my life and how happy i’m to have you as my friend. Happy Birthday dear!!

12. This is the day when an adventure were born and you are that adventure in my life. A friend like you are very few in this world. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

13. True friends never get old with the coming birthdays but they become better as the fine wine. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

14. I have been waiting for your birthday so that we can have a party that we didn’t have ever. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!

15. May every wish you ever want of come true this year. We will party on your this birthday that you could ever want. Happy Birthday dear!!

16. Dear friend do you know what you are not getting older with the age but you are making be proud of being your friend. Happy Birthday friend!!

17. I wish blessings follow you wherever you go. May your this birthday as special as you are. Hpy B’day!!

18. There are three important dates of my life; New Year’s eve, Christmas and my best friend’s Birthday. I wish you a Healthy Birthday!!

19. It is very good to know that you are living happy and healthy. You are very important to so many people. Many many returns of the day. Hpy B’day dear!!

20. On this birthday, my party to you will let you know that how much our friendship mean to me. Happy B’day dear friend!!

Best Birthday Quotes For Friends

On your friend’s birthday, you should also post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Insta. etc and should tag your friend in those perfect lines of birthday that you have written for your friend. Your friend will surely come to know that how special she/her is in your life. We can buy everything by money but finding a true friendship, finding a true friend that can do anything for you – with whom you can share everything, may be  hard to get. So birthday is a special event on which you can strengthen your friendship. Here we present you the best collection of Happy Birthday Quotes For Friends which we surely help you to strong your bond of friendship.

happy birthday quotes for friends

21. Having good family and good friends is a beautiful gift from god. I’m having you as my friend and i can’t tell difference between family and friends. Happy Birthday friend!!

22. I don’t know how should i thank to you for what you did for me in my life. Partying tonight is a gift for you from me. We will rock. Hpy Birthday!!

23. I was waiting much for your birthday. We will party like there is no tomorrow. Many Many Returns of the day!!

24. This is your 21th birthday i can’t believe how quickly the days passed of our childhood. From childhood you are helping other and i want you to do the same in your entire life. Hpy B’day!!

25. You have grown to be 22 and it seems the day previous yesterday when we were having fun in school ground. Really it is a good feeling. Happy Birthday dear frn!!

26. F is for funny,

R is for realistic,

I is for inspiring,

E is for empathetic,

N is for nice, and

D is for Dependable.

Thanks for being all this and more! Many Many returns of the day!!

27. Having craziness as we have, i’m surprised that still we are alive. Your birthday remind me all those moments which are unforgettable for me. Happy Birthday!!

28. Our friendship is like a diamond which will precious forever. Happy Birthday Dear Friend!!

29. Only words can’t explain my feelings that how we grow together and it’s your 22nd birthday and you are going to enjoy your another year of life. Happy Birthday dear friend!!

30. May your all dreams and wishes come true in your coming year of life. I wish for many many returns of the day!!

Unique Happy Birthday Quotes For Dear Friends

A true can never expect good from his/her friends. As we all are so familiar with each other but if we do something different that he/she can’t expect from us will make your friend so surprise that you will be the last and forever friend for him/her. Sometimes it may be hard to get ideas that what special should you do on your friend’s birthday but here we are to help you. A friend deserves good words from his/her friends that he never thought off. So here we have collected the unique Birthday Quotes For Friends which you can send to your friend to let him/her know that how special he/she is for you. Choose the best quote and send it to your friend.

birthday quotes for friends

31. May we celebrate another 100 birthdays together and each birthday should much awesome than last. 

32. May every day of your coming life bring you the lots of happiness and joy in your life.

33. May you find pleasure wherever you go, may happiness brighten your darkness of life and you achieve the heights of success in life. My best wishes are always with you. Hpy B’day!!

34. Wishing you the fresh morning, rocking noon and lovely night on your special day. Many many returns of the day.

35. I was waiting for a day that when i’ll rock at party and it’s birthday i’m waiting for my treat. Happy Birthday dear!!

36. A true friend will never forget your birthday and i’m one of them. Happy B’day .. Stay happy and healthy always!!

37. I thought to send you some sweet gift for your birthday and the roses asked me if they would do. 

38. I wish that you have everything that you always want to have because i’m the only one who cares your desires for than yourself. Be happy and healthy always. Happy Birthday!!

39. Never forget to give a gift to your friend on his/her birthday because they deserve it.

40. If you live to be 100, i hope i live to be 100 minu 1, so i never have to live without you. Many many happy returns of the day!!

Best Happy Birthday Messages For Friends

Being an organiser is really a good feeling. If it is your friend’s birthday that you should organise things that will your friends the happiest person of the planet. If possible then you should organise a party at your house including the families and other friends on his/her birthday. It will a great idea to show your friend that how you care about them. Before that you must send a birthday message to your friend among the Happy Birthday Messages For Friends given below on this page. Your friend is the only person with whom you feel complete. Don’t you?? When you with your friend you can challenge everything that come to your path. Don’t you?? Of Course, it yes!! Everyone’s life is good when they have a good friend. So his/her birthday must be an event for you which you have to enjoy fully.

happy birthday messages for friends

41. May the air sing for you, sun make your day the brightest ever and the wind be at your heals. Be the happiest person of the world. Happy Birthday!!

42. May the beautiful angels come to your way to say you from me a very happy birthday with lots of love. 

43. I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and to let you know that you are not alone. If you want someone to lean on then i would be there for you.

44. Happy birthday to the person who means a very much to me and for whom i’m everything. You always remind me of myself, my best moments of life which we both spent together.

45. You are not one of my best friend but you are “The Best”! I wish your this year be the best year ever in your life.

46. I decided to send you some special words to wish you a very happy birthday and to say about our friendship but i didn’t find that words which can express my feelings about our friendship. Just Party!!

47. May every moment of your coming birthday and life head be as wonderful as our friendship. Happy Birthday dear friend!!

48. My today is completely for you. Let’s make all that things which make you feel the happiest person of this world. Be happy and healthy always buddy!!

49. It’s real wonderful to have a friend like you. Friends like you are rare as warm and sunny day in the month of December. You are truly one of a kind. Happy Birthday my best friend!!

50. Your birthday is like a festival for me as i enjoy the party very much and eat everything what i want. Wishing you treatful Birthday!!

Cute and Real Birthday Messages For Friends

Here we have made a best and unique collection of Birthday Messages For Friends which you can send to your friend whatever the condition is. Our this collection includes the romantic birthday messages, love birthday messages, funny birthday messages that you will definitely love to send to your friend on his/her birthday. Our this collection of birthday wishes, messages and quotes for friend is the best choice for you and you must choose one of them and should send to your friend and if you want to wish your friend a happy birthday in a unique style then these ideas are also available on our website.

birthday messages for friends

51. Once a true and my best friend said to me – no matter where you are, you might so well enjoy yourself and that friend was and still are you. I’m there where i wanted – with you- and it’s your birthday and i want to celebrate every moment of this special day.

52. You have always been there whenever i need. Having a friend like you desire for nothing else in this world. You and me redefine what actually friendship mean. A very Happy Birthday to such a friend!!

53. On this birthday i want a promise from you that entire life we will be together. I never think of live apart from you, pal and i will make and give promise on our every coming year of life. Stay happy and healthy always buddy!!

54. Happy Birthday dear!! as long as you have me as your friend you don’t need to have worry about anything because i’ll give you a shoulder to lean on, eyes to watch, ears to hear and my heart will take you on the right way.

55. This is a special day as it’s your birthday and our friendship, there should be a celebration of everything good and a plenty of each bite of birthday cake and each piece of birthday ice cream.

Happy Birthday dear!!

56. You are not a friend because you are a facebook friend, you are not a friend as we meet every weekend for coffee or lunch, you are not a friend as you are nice to me… you are not only a friend but half of my whole and i’m completely yours. A very happy birthday from bottom of my heart.

57. You are one precious gift for me that i have from my childhood and the one with whom i can get enjoy anytime, anywhere. May you live long!!

58. Awesome friends are awesome just because one reason- awesomeness. Wishing a awesome birthday to an awesome person of my life. Stay blessed always!!

59. Friendship that i have with you is priceless. Happy Birthday buddy!!

60. Life will not be life if we don’t have friends, true and best friends. Without friends we don’t have anything to fun for, to joy, to enjoy. Thank you that you are my friend and i’m yours. Happy Birthday BFF!!

61. Happy birthday to the one special person of my life who brights up every day. When we are together i can kick off any trouble coming in my and your way. Be happy and healthy always.

62. One of the best thing in this world  that can be feel that can be realize, that can be seen is friendship that i have with you and you with me. I wish you a very special day full of happiness and joy.

63. Happy birthday! We’re such close and awesome friends. I hope we stay friends for 100s of years. May we live long enough to really, really get sick of each other. So far, I like you just fine!

64. Happy Birthday!! Our friendship is awesome not because you accept me as the way i’m just because you made me better than whatever i can’t be otherwise. May you live long happier.

65. Hey, BFF, I hope you will make us feel right at home at your birthday party, because home is where we really want to be. Happy birthday!

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