5 Great Uses For Sparklers You May Not Have Thought About

Sparklers are not just kid toys anymore. Manufacturers and people are getting very creative and innovative with the purpose and uses of sparklers. Here is a list of ways to use sparklers that you may not know about.

1. Wedding sparklers: Okay, you’ve probably heard of this but it’s still not overly common to see sparklers at wedding receptions. They are growing in popularity however and used as an alternative to rice, birdseed, and bubbles.

2. Photography: Long exposure shots can be really creative when sparklers are included. You can write words, make shapes, and get really interesting effects from the fire and smoke.

3. Sparklers versus Birthday Candles: Birthday Cake Sparklers are far more interesting and exciting than the old traditional candles. You can use them indoors, they last about 30 seconds, no smoke, no ash, daytime or night. Just awesome!

4. Champagne Topper: So you are serving champagne for New Years, graduation, or anniversary. Put a bottle sparkler on top and really make it special. Basically the same thing as the birthday cake sparkler, except it can be attached to the neck of the bottle. Safe for indoors, little smoke, little to no ash and its fun, fun, fun!

5. Sparkle bombs: no details, ‘nough said.

Bring the excitement up a notch or two by adding sparklers to your celebrations. Fun for kids and adults, great photo opportunities and good for a little mischief, too. Always keep safety in mind and if you use indoor sparklers make sure they are indeed indoor sparklers.

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